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Dear Friends,
Welcome to my solo site! Don't I look familiar? Yes - you have seen me at hundreds of adult sites featuring nudity, solo girls, lesbian and femdom content.  By the way, I plan to review porn sites I am at, post fragments, and tell what was going on behind the scenes in my diary.
And it's only now, after 20+ years in adult industry, I am starting my own site - not big yet, but updated every other day, so there will be
plenty of photosets and videos of me.
Professional, experienced adult actress/dancer/model in amateur content based on  your own screenplays? I guess not so many sites like this over the web!
See me in sexy outfits and without them, stockings, pantyhose, heels, boots, lingerie, explicit erotic posing, hot striptease, outdoor nudity,
public flashing, lesbian lovemaking, foot fetish action, fingering and toys, BDSM (I switch!) and more.
Please don't forget to find out how you can be the producer and get custom-made content to your own taste, your own ideas.

With lots of love, Lisa Foxxx

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Beach Pleasures

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Added: 21 hours ago


Length: 5 min

Actress Roleplay

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Added: 1 weeks ago


Length: 10 min

Me And Helen Naked In Stockings

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Added: 2 weeks ago


Length: 13 min

Kitchen Masturbation Scene

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Added: 3 weeks ago


Length: 9 min

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Latest Photosets

Lesbian Threesome Final Part


Added: 1 months ago

Kari, Helen And Me Part 3


Added: 1 months ago

Lesbian Threesome Studio Pics Part 2


Added: 2 months ago

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Latest Blog Posts

Me And New "Plastic Fantastic Lover"

Posted: June, 18, 2017

82990-Me And New "Plastic Fantastic Lover"-Ladyfoxxx

You have probably noticed, my friends, how much I like bright, vivid, cheerful colors, that it's what I wear in clothes, in lingerie and underwear, in stockings and pantyhose - and this is what I choose to fill myself up when it comes to sex toys.

See me play with my newest Mr Dick, and I really hope you will feel just as good as I am in this footage.

It was a turn on to imagine myself an actress on a stage - just a very adult actress in a very explicit love scene. I must say, we have filmed quite a lot more on that day because I was so inspired to show all of my naked, yummy tidbits to you!

New Haircolor, New Location, New Toy!

Erotc Dance In Colorful Hold-Ups

Posted: June, 11, 2017

82364-Erotc Dance In Colorful Hold-Ups-Ladyfoxxx

One day Helen and I decided to act out a screenplay, she is a lazy layabout and she picked the easy role of the customer, while I was the private dancer.

I was trying to be as tempting as I could, we ended up in color hold-ups, and it felt good.  As a bonus, you will see Helen play with stockings and pantyhose on that day, right after my striptease video was taken. I guess I had that effect on her,  and I hope you react too ;)

Naked Cuties In Nylon!


Masturbation In Nude Stockings

Posted: June, 04, 2017

81758-Masturbation In Nude Stockings-Ladyfoxxx

At the moment of shooting - not long ago - the only male viewer of this was the big black cat, but now I have a lot of eyes on me and I freaking love it! You might know i am a hopeless exhibitionist - probably like yourself - and this is why I started all this thing with solo site and other sites I am at (by the way, preparing a big blog post reviewing some of my favourite adult sites that I am featured at).

I don't know if you fantasize a lot about sex with a cute, horny housewife right there in the kitchen, but I know one thing, even if you haven't before, since today you will! And I know one day you will
experience it in real - a hundred times!

your masturbation partner,


Very New Scene!

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